Why summer is the time to get your AC replacement in Gainesville, TX

  • By Absolute Heat & Air LLC
  • 28 Jun, 2017
Absolute Heate & Air LLC
I’m not giving up, I thought. Determination was all over my face as I stepped out the door this morning for my jog. It’s been a long road to getting in shape, starting with walks and progressing to longer and longer sessions before the heat of the day. I’m proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish in the last six weeks.

Fast forward to the end of my run as I make the journey back up the stairs. I’ve more than earned some relaxation. I’m ready to get into the AC and cool off. What’s this? The house feels hotter than it does outside. I just got this thing fixed last year! It’s happening, NOT AGAIN!?

No more fixing it up

It’s already getting hot for summer here in Texas. When dealing with an AC that keeps breaking down year after year gets old, you need to call us. If you’ve noticed the performance declining in your AC, don’t
spend another summer trying to survive the heat.

Take a stand

Start experiencing comfort now with the experienced help from Absolute Heat & Air.Since 2006, we’ve been helping families get the best deals with the top technology on the market. You have the decision making power as a homeowner. It can be hard to decide if an AC replacement in Gainesville, TXis the right answer. Here are some situations where it makes sense. Remember we will give you the options with a free estimate, no pressure on your choice, so you have the final say.

When getting a replacement makes sense

1.Age.You should get a new AC instead of paying for repairs if your AC is over 10 years old. The odds are against your AC at this point for a couple of reasons. First, it’s lived a pretty good lifespan and this is about the age when most ACs will start acting up more and causing problems. Secondly, newer models will definitely outperform your older model. You are spending more money each month on energy costs when you hold onto an old AC for too long.
2.Hassle.You live a robust and active life. You probably have other ways you’d like to spend your time than tinkering with the AC when it acts up or calling to schedule expensive repairs. A new AC comes with a manufacturer’s warranty on the parts and our guarantee on the installation work. Problems are rare in the first five years, especially when you change your filters regularly and get maintenance work done each year.
3.Comfort.The whole reason for having an AC in the first place is knowing a switch of the thermostat will keep you cool. If you can’t rely on your appliance to perform, there’s not much worth in having it. Let us take a look to see if we can tune it up and squeeze out some more life or if you would be better off buying a new one. We’ll give you the honest answer.
We offer senior discounts and free estimates, so call today. You have nothing to lose, so call and see how much comfort we can bring to your home. Give us a call today at 303-648-3602 . Turn to Absolute Heat & Air, when you need an AC replacement in Gainesville, TX.
By Absolute Heat & Air LLC 02 Aug, 2017
It kept you comfortable and cool for many years, got you through heat waves and dry spells and you are more than thankful for that. But sometimes you have to say goodbye to your trusty air conditioner when it cannot serve you anymore. Absolute Heat & Air can make the parting easier and help you with the AC replacement Gainesville TX.
By Absolute Heat & Air LLC 05 Jul, 2017
Are you tired of coming home from a long, hot day at work just to discover that the damn AC is malfunctioning again? Maybe it is time to consider AC replacement Gainesville TX and Northwest Arkansas?
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