How To Troubleshoot These 5 Key Areas of Your AC System Before Calling An AC Repair Gainesville TX Service

  • By Absolute Heat & Air LLC
  • 16 May, 2017
It is always a good idea to call an expert like Absolute Heat & Air for AC repair Gainesville TX.You want to be sure that when the temperature rises in Gainesville, your AC unit is ready.
Did you know that there are five key areas you can check yourself before determining if you need to call a professional? Here s a checklist that will cover the 5 most common troubleshooting issues of your AC system. And, provide easy or temporary solutions before help arrives.
Here are the five most common areas of your AC system this article will cover: controls and switches, dirty coils, dirty filters, refrigerant leaks and seized air compressors.

Controls and Switches

Many times the cause of a system not starting could be disconnected power from the unit. This can range from something as simple as a disconnected power cord or circuit breaker. It can also be a little more involved in the case of faulty wiring. Many times, this can be a quick and easy fix for a professional.
Lack of power is usually one of these issues with your AC system. Simply checking the power source is a easy troubleshooting action you can take to avoid a costly trip charge.
If you have a newly installed wifi thermostat, there may be some easy set up necessary to activate your AC system. These steps should be readily available in the app.

Dirty Coils

Your air conditioning system needs to breathe. Blocked or dirty coils can greatly reduce the efficiency and effectiveness of your AC system.
Dusting or blowing off the coils can be easily maintained by the homeowner. At the same time, the coils and fins can be easily damaged by using the wrong tool.
For significant dirt and debris build up, a professional AC repair Gainesville TXshould be scheduled to reduce the risk of further damage and ensure the system is working at peak efficiency.

Dirty Filters

Your AC system air filters need to be changed on regular intervals. How often you need to change your filters varies. The home environment and outside air quality all have an impact on how often filters need to be replaced.
Like a dirty coil, dirty filters have a significant impact on the efficiency of your AC system. Filters can have a 15-50% efficiency effect on your AC system. This can result in reduced cold air flow and a similar increase in energy usage.
Most filters recommended replacement interval is “when they are dirty.” So a visual inspection of the filter by the homeowner is one of the easiest troubleshooting tasks.

Refrigerant Leaks

Your AC system can begin to leak for various reasons. This can be harmful to pets and children playing near an AC unit. Calling a AC repair Gainesville TXis the safest and quickest way to resolve this issue.

Seized AC Compressor

Again, this is a common issue to troubleshoot and requires a professional to repair. If there is power to the unit but the unit does not seem to be running, this could quite possibly be a seized AC compressor.
While many of these common AC system areas are easy to troubleshoot, some require a professional to repair. Why not call Absolute Heat & Air at 940-736-7455 and let a professional with years of AC repair Gainesville TXhandle all of your HVAC issues.
By Absolute Heat & Air LLC 02 Aug, 2017
It kept you comfortable and cool for many years, got you through heat waves and dry spells and you are more than thankful for that. But sometimes you have to say goodbye to your trusty air conditioner when it cannot serve you anymore. Absolute Heat & Air can make the parting easier and help you with the AC replacement Gainesville TX.
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Are you tired of coming home from a long, hot day at work just to discover that the damn AC is malfunctioning again? Maybe it is time to consider AC replacement Gainesville TX and Northwest Arkansas?
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