How to Determine the Best Air Replacement Conditioning System?

  • By Absolute Heat & Air LLC
  • 13 Feb, 2017
While the weather right now might not make you think about the days that you have the A/C unit on full blast all night long, we want to help you get ready for those blistering summer months if you need an air conditioner replacement in Gainesville, TX. In parts of Texas like ours, air conditioning isn’t just a luxury; it’s a complete necessity in those overbearingly hot summer months. If you haven’t kept up with innovations in newer central air conditioning units, they have gotten a lot more powerful, quieter, and much more energy efficient than older models, and they put in a lot of work toward lowering those towering electric bills each month.
What’s important to consider is exactly what kind of air conditioning unit you should get. Each increase in cooling power comes with an up-front cost, though it can seriously pay off in the long term. If you go too large however, it can end up costing you even more years down the road. Let’s run down some information so that you can make the best choice for your place.
Choose the ideal air conditioner size for your home
The first thing you need to do is determine the size of the air conditioning unit you need. If you get one that’s too small, it will run all the time, increasing the noise level inside your home, raising your power bills, and shortening its span of life before you need to replace it. If you end up getting one that’s too big, it will constantly turn on and off over the course of the day, also resulting in lots of noise, higher electric bills, and a shorter overall life for the unit.
The way air conditioning units are measure is in tons. This is a reference to the total amount of heat they can remove from a location in one hour. For example, a one ton unit can remove 12,000 British Thermal Units, or BTUs, and a three ton system will move 36,000 BTUs from the same area. The bigger your home, the more power you will need to cool down the entire house.
For comparison’s sake, a 1,600 square foot house is very likely to need a two and a half ton air conditioning unit. Things like high ceilings or drafty doors could increase this amount, while low ceilings and double paned glass could reduce the amount.
There are a wide variety of air conditioners out there, and it’s very possible you could save huge amounts on your power bills while simultaneously getting a much more comfortable home by looking at getting an air conditioner replacement in Gainesville, TX. Please reach out to us at Absolute Heat and Air at 940-736-7455 so we can help you find the best and most efficient air conditioning system to get you through those sweltering summer months that we get in Texas.
By Absolute Heat & Air LLC 02 Aug, 2017
It kept you comfortable and cool for many years, got you through heat waves and dry spells and you are more than thankful for that. But sometimes you have to say goodbye to your trusty air conditioner when it cannot serve you anymore. Absolute Heat & Air can make the parting easier and help you with the AC replacement Gainesville TX.
By Absolute Heat & Air LLC 05 Jul, 2017
Are you tired of coming home from a long, hot day at work just to discover that the damn AC is malfunctioning again? Maybe it is time to consider AC replacement Gainesville TX and Northwest Arkansas?
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